The purpose of my mentoring is to work with those who seek support and gentle guidance to navigate complex times, in whatever way that shows up for you. 

These sessions are available to anyone who needs support and / or open to self-growth, with the goal of truly experiencing more joy in life.

As a mentor I will help guide you back to Self, what feels right for you. 

I will share tools, techniques & self-care practices to help you manage stress, anxiety and other obstacles in daily life.

I have a deep passion for supporting those navigating toxic relationships whether in family, workplace or relationship dynamics (specifically coercive control & all it's facets), and I offer wisdom that stems from personal experience. I have lived it within all areas and believe that once you have the knowledge & understanding, combined with the supporting tools, you are then able to take the steps to free yourself from the binds. There is joy on the other side.

These sessions take place in person or over the phone. Please contact me for further information.